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Sep. 21st, 2011




I have had the hardest time keeping up with anything that has to do with Livejournal.  My only question is if you (the slightly extensive number of members on this comm.) would like for me to restart my efforts in this comm.?

I had more or less forgotten it existed (I generally forgot my personal Lj as well), I appologize.

Sep. 17th, 2010

Hi Panda


(no subject)

: Mikko,22
Home country: Singapore was where I was born in. But I moved to the States when I was 12, and then moved to Malaysia for 7 years, followed by University in England for 3 years. I just recently returned to Singapore.

Language you are fluent in: English, Chinese

Language you're interested in: Japanese

Knowledge if any, in language of interest: My father is Japanese. I go over to Japan pretty often, but can't converse with my relatives because of the communication barrier. My father used to talk to us in Japanese, so I know the basics, but he isn't really around much anymore (travels alot) so I can't practice. And I really want to learn the language so I could at least talk to my grandmother. I recently started taking lessons, but need someone to converse with.

About you: I am a graphic designer / scriptwriter / producer / copywriter. This is a crazy list because I initially got a diploma in moving images, and did the whole producer, scriptwriter thingamajig. Not my cup of tea. So I got a bachelors in design. Loving it. I also enjoy sewing, and am always volunteering to be a dresser at fashion shows. It helps that my best friend is a model. I am exceptionally talented in baking banana muffins and only banana muffins. I also play the piano. And am currently listening to Crystal Castles, Sohodolls, Le Tigre, Gregory and the hawk, Teenager, and Cocorosie. I am really pushing myself to say more about myself here. Basically, I am very enthusiastic about learning the Japanese language so I can go back to Japan and possibly acquire my masters there. This was so difficult to write!

Email: pinocchiohasbones@gmail.com

Aug. 14th, 2010



(no subject)

Name: Jessica

Home country: Well I'm from Sweden, but I live in the USA.

Languages you are fluent in: I wouldn't say "fluent", but I know enough English, Swedish, Spanish and French to hold intelligent conversations.

Languages you're interested in: In order of preference: (Swedish,) French, Spanish, Italian, German

Knowledge if any, in language of interest: My family speaks Swedish, so I know a decent amount. Enough that I can definitely get my point across, but the grammar may or may not be lacking as I've never officially taken formal classes. Although when I travel to Sweden (for pleasure or to visit my family) most people assume I'm a native, and I've never had any communication issues... As for French, I've taken several years of courses. Same with Spanish. When it comes to Italian, I've only been studying for a year, so I don't know very much. And I've only recently started studying German, so I really don't know much at all.

About: Where to begin? I love The Phantom of the Opera. The stage-show and original novel, not the 2004 movie. The 1924 film with Lon Chaney is fine. I also love figure skating. I've been taking lessons since I was really young, probably around three. I also love horse-back riding. I ride English. Mostly Hunter/Jumper, but some Dressage as well. My family has owned horses ever since I was born, and I'm fairly positive that I could ride a horse before I learned to walk. I'm a vegetarian, so animals are really important to me. I also enjoy reading. I like to write as well, but it's not one of my better skills. I think I'd recommend reading my interests, since that covers this fairly well...

Email: SwedishSoprano at yahoo.com. Although if you don't message me ahead of time saying that you've sent an e-mail, please phrase the subject line in a way that I will know it isn't spam.

Edit on 12th November 2010: I tried to clarify my experience level, and switched the order of a few languages of interest.

Jul. 28th, 2010



(no subject)

Name: Helene
Age: 20
Home country: Philippines
Language you are fluent in: English, Filipino (and a wee bit of Mandarin and Fookien)
Language you're interested in: German
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: I know the basics of the language: greetings, dates, numbers, basic sentences, a few vocabulary I picked up
About you:
I am a bookworm. Genres: fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, classics, chicklit. You name it.
I love music –used to play the piano and violin. I love listening to pop, jazz, indie, folk, classical, and instrumental/soundtrack music.
I’m a television junkie. I religiously watch TV shows like House, Bones, Castle, Chuck, Leverage, to name a few. For cancelled/finished shows, I am a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, and Better off Ted. For ships, I’m a total Huddy, Hodgela, B/B, Caskett, Roslin/Adama, and Ted/Veronica fan.
I major in chemistry. I would LOVE to study further in Germany soon... and possibly work there.
My dream is to travel the world (if not rule it. ;) ) and experience different cultures.
You can add me on Facebook (see email address below)
: fyre_817@yahoo.com

Jul. 11th, 2010

believe in more


(no subject)

Name: Katie
Age: 23
Home country: Germany
Language you are fluent in: German
Language you're interested in: English, French, Swedish
Knowledge if any, in language of interest:
1) I'm pretty good at English, it's the language I learned for the longest time and the language I love the most. Still, I'd like to get better and improve my grammar - usually I play it by ear...
2) I studied French for some years at school, then dropped it, and picked it up again at university. I was once really good and would love to get back to that level, I think right now I'm at a bad intermediate level
3) I just picked up Swedish, it's the language I'm (for now) least interested in because I can't even say more than what my name is. I'm working on it though :)
About you:
I love love love music, especially rock and pop music - I still love Backstreet Boys and am not ashamed about it :)
I love guitarists, but still haven't picked up the guitar myself - that's my goal for the upcoming university break.
I love movies, especially dance movies. Other than that I love reading, meeting my friends and traveling. Since I'm a poor student that's mostly looking at pictures for now, but I plan to do more traveling once I finished my studies next year. I absolutely look forward to it, I love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. 
Right now I'm doing a master's degree in business administration at a university in Germany and have another year of my studies left.
When I don't study I work at a newspaper agency in the marketing department.
I love music, pasta, summer and laughter
I hate winter, potato-soup and people who think too much of themselves
Email: seeyouinla@gmail.com
skype: seeyouinla

Jul. 8th, 2010



I have fulfilled suggestion number 1 :)

HAHA! I have created the facebook group that ybelov suggested 8) Thank you for your input Ybelov :)

Anyways, here is the link. 

Feel free to join and discuss.  I will find a way to get the word out, but I would greatly appreciate any assistance you offer. 

I'm still open for any other type of suggestions on how to make the community better :)

See you later guys.

Jul. 7th, 2010



The Official List

So these are the people who do not have current partners.  If I am wrong, this is only because you haven't informed me you have gotten one.  This can be fixed, either comment to this entry and tell me the name of your partner, and I will alter this and your app entry :) or send me a message and I will fix it in the same fashion.  The list has a very simple format, language desired, and the user name of the person not taken.  When you click the user name you will be taken to their application :)
I apologize for this taking me so long, there is no excuse.

List under the tag :D Collapse )List under the tag :D Collapse )

Jun. 17th, 2010



(no subject)

Name: Becca
Age: 18
Home Country: Philippines
Language you are fluent in: English
Language you're interested in: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese (Mandarin primarily)
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: Little. Mostly conversation and some forms of addressing people.
About you: I like Korean music, primarily Kpop bands like Super Junior, DBSK, and SHINee. I'm also a fan of martial arts and a practitioner of Taekwondo. I like action, comedy and romance movies provided that the plot is good and the overall look of the film is eye-catching. I like reading books by Mary Higgins Clark and Tamora Pierce. I'm open to all kinds of literature but find very little time to read nowadays thanks to a hectic college life. I'm an avid fan of Harry Potter as well.
Email: singforvitamin@aim.com

Jun. 14th, 2010


(no subject)

Name:  Kate


Home country: Russia

Language you are fluent in: russian (native)

Language you're interested in: english

Knowledge if any, in language of interest:  english - pre-intermediate, intermediate.

About you: I live in a small town of  moscow region, work as a courier and study journalism at  university (by correspondence), I like listening to different kinds of music, espicially classical,  also  interested in photography, literature, history.  I would like to find someone to communicate with and to practice my english.

Please, write to me!)))

Email: kitty-katrin1@mail.ru

May. 8th, 2010

Bride of Frankenstein


(no subject)

Name: Sarah
Age: (optional)22
Home country:USA
Language you are fluent in: English, French, Spanish.
Language you're interested in: French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian.
Knowledge if any, in language of interest:
-English by far is my most perfected language.
-I've been taking French for 8 years and studied for a summer in Paris, but I still make a lot of mistakes.
-I speak (South American) Spanish fluently because of my heritage, but I have never taken a grammar class so I can say it's less that perfect.
-I currently just finished Japanese 4, I'm starting to get into literature but definitely need to practice.
-I've taught myself some German and would love to be able to speak more of it.
-I understand Italian very well since I speak a few romantic languages. I feel like I would pick it up easily if I tried.
-I know no Russian, but I love the alphabet and the sound of it.

About you: I'm an artist. I work in all sorts of mediums and I love creating and learning new ways to create. I like to learn about other cultures and obviously languages.
I love fashion and I'm a bit on the darker side of things. I love goth fashion and Japanese street fashion.
I love music and like heavier stuff metal/industrial/psychobilly/punk. I love horror movies/books/graphic novels.
I'd prefer if my partner was around my age.

Email: I'm not too crazy on email. Ideally, I'd like to have someone that journals in the language I'm interested in. Aim convo partner would be awesome. Whether they're learning the language, or fluent. I'm going to start doing parts of my journal in other languages just so I can practice. I would love to have someone to correct me and vice versa. I also wouldn't mind skyping to practice pronounciation and grammar.

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