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midnightblue17 in convo_partners

Name: Helene
Age: 20
Home country: Philippines
Language you are fluent in: English, Filipino (and a wee bit of Mandarin and Fookien)
Language you're interested in: German
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: I know the basics of the language: greetings, dates, numbers, basic sentences, a few vocabulary I picked up
About you:
I am a bookworm. Genres: fiction, sci-fi, non-fiction, classics, chicklit. You name it.
I love music –used to play the piano and violin. I love listening to pop, jazz, indie, folk, classical, and instrumental/soundtrack music.
I’m a television junkie. I religiously watch TV shows like House, Bones, Castle, Chuck, Leverage, to name a few. For cancelled/finished shows, I am a huge fan of Battlestar Galactica, and Better off Ted. For ships, I’m a total Huddy, Hodgela, B/B, Caskett, Roslin/Adama, and Ted/Veronica fan.
I major in chemistry. I would LOVE to study further in Germany soon... and possibly work there.
My dream is to travel the world (if not rule it. ;) ) and experience different cultures.
You can add me on Facebook (see email address below)
: fyre_817@yahoo.com