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swedishsoprano in convo_partners

Name: Jessica

Home country: Well I'm from Sweden, but I live in the USA.

Languages you are fluent in: I wouldn't say "fluent", but I know enough English, Swedish, Spanish and French to hold intelligent conversations.

Languages you're interested in: In order of preference: (Swedish,) French, Spanish, Italian, German

Knowledge if any, in language of interest: My family speaks Swedish, so I know a decent amount. Enough that I can definitely get my point across, but the grammar may or may not be lacking as I've never officially taken formal classes. Although when I travel to Sweden (for pleasure or to visit my family) most people assume I'm a native, and I've never had any communication issues... As for French, I've taken several years of courses. Same with Spanish. When it comes to Italian, I've only been studying for a year, so I don't know very much. And I've only recently started studying German, so I really don't know much at all.

About: Where to begin? I love The Phantom of the Opera. The stage-show and original novel, not the 2004 movie. The 1924 film with Lon Chaney is fine. I also love figure skating. I've been taking lessons since I was really young, probably around three. I also love horse-back riding. I ride English. Mostly Hunter/Jumper, but some Dressage as well. My family has owned horses ever since I was born, and I'm fairly positive that I could ride a horse before I learned to walk. I'm a vegetarian, so animals are really important to me. I also enjoy reading. I like to write as well, but it's not one of my better skills. I think I'd recommend reading my interests, since that covers this fairly well...

Email: SwedishSoprano at yahoo.com. Although if you don't message me ahead of time saying that you've sent an e-mail, please phrase the subject line in a way that I will know it isn't spam.

Edit on 12th November 2010: I tried to clarify my experience level, and switched the order of a few languages of interest.