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Hi Panda

mikkoueda in convo_partners

: Mikko,22
Home country: Singapore was where I was born in. But I moved to the States when I was 12, and then moved to Malaysia for 7 years, followed by University in England for 3 years. I just recently returned to Singapore.

Language you are fluent in: English, Chinese

Language you're interested in: Japanese

Knowledge if any, in language of interest: My father is Japanese. I go over to Japan pretty often, but can't converse with my relatives because of the communication barrier. My father used to talk to us in Japanese, so I know the basics, but he isn't really around much anymore (travels alot) so I can't practice. And I really want to learn the language so I could at least talk to my grandmother. I recently started taking lessons, but need someone to converse with.

About you: I am a graphic designer / scriptwriter / producer / copywriter. This is a crazy list because I initially got a diploma in moving images, and did the whole producer, scriptwriter thingamajig. Not my cup of tea. So I got a bachelors in design. Loving it. I also enjoy sewing, and am always volunteering to be a dresser at fashion shows. It helps that my best friend is a model. I am exceptionally talented in baking banana muffins and only banana muffins. I also play the piano. And am currently listening to Crystal Castles, Sohodolls, Le Tigre, Gregory and the hawk, Teenager, and Cocorosie. I am really pushing myself to say more about myself here. Basically, I am very enthusiastic about learning the Japanese language so I can go back to Japan and possibly acquire my masters there. This was so difficult to write!

Email: pinocchiohasbones@gmail.com


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Well, we both seem to be half Japanese and with a language barrier so would you like to chat once in a while...?

If you don't mind that my Japanese is still at an amateurish level. I am trying very hard to improve!