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Bride of Frankenstein

scare_ah in convo_partners

Name: Sarah
Age: (optional)22
Home country:USA
Language you are fluent in: English, French, Spanish.
Language you're interested in: French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Russian.
Knowledge if any, in language of interest:
-English by far is my most perfected language.
-I've been taking French for 8 years and studied for a summer in Paris, but I still make a lot of mistakes.
-I speak (South American) Spanish fluently because of my heritage, but I have never taken a grammar class so I can say it's less that perfect.
-I currently just finished Japanese 4, I'm starting to get into literature but definitely need to practice.
-I've taught myself some German and would love to be able to speak more of it.
-I understand Italian very well since I speak a few romantic languages. I feel like I would pick it up easily if I tried.
-I know no Russian, but I love the alphabet and the sound of it.

About you: I'm an artist. I work in all sorts of mediums and I love creating and learning new ways to create. I like to learn about other cultures and obviously languages.
I love fashion and I'm a bit on the darker side of things. I love goth fashion and Japanese street fashion.
I love music and like heavier stuff metal/industrial/psychobilly/punk. I love horror movies/books/graphic novels.
I'd prefer if my partner was around my age.

Email: I'm not too crazy on email. Ideally, I'd like to have someone that journals in the language I'm interested in. Aim convo partner would be awesome. Whether they're learning the language, or fluent. I'm going to start doing parts of my journal in other languages just so I can practice. I would love to have someone to correct me and vice versa. I also wouldn't mind skyping to practice pronounciation and grammar.


My journal's in Russian ;)
I'm from Germany. I'm not about your age and I don't journal, but I could definitely could correct your texts. I don't have AIM or Skype, just ICQ, but I could of course get both.
Hallo, I'm from Russia. I offer you to start our communication. My journal is in russian. If you are intrested in, please contact to me.