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shmopulence in convo_partners

Name: Becca
Age: 18
Home Country: Philippines
Language you are fluent in: English
Language you're interested in: Mandarin, Korean, Japanese (Mandarin primarily)
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: Little. Mostly conversation and some forms of addressing people.
About you: I like Korean music, primarily Kpop bands like Super Junior, DBSK, and SHINee. I'm also a fan of martial arts and a practitioner of Taekwondo. I like action, comedy and romance movies provided that the plot is good and the overall look of the film is eye-catching. I like reading books by Mary Higgins Clark and Tamora Pierce. I'm open to all kinds of literature but find very little time to read nowadays thanks to a hectic college life. I'm an avid fan of Harry Potter as well.
Email: singforvitamin@aim.com


Hey Becca!

I speak Chinese so I could talk with you if you would like :D :D
I am currently residing in Singapore and my family speaks Chinese, it is my mother tongue so I can speak really well in regards to that. Just let me know if you want to talk! My email address is: pinocchiohasbones@gmail.com (haha, I know it's super silly!)