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seeyouinla in convo_partners

Name: Katie
Age: 23
Home country: Germany
Language you are fluent in: German
Language you're interested in: English, French, Swedish
Knowledge if any, in language of interest:
1) I'm pretty good at English, it's the language I learned for the longest time and the language I love the most. Still, I'd like to get better and improve my grammar - usually I play it by ear...
2) I studied French for some years at school, then dropped it, and picked it up again at university. I was once really good and would love to get back to that level, I think right now I'm at a bad intermediate level
3) I just picked up Swedish, it's the language I'm (for now) least interested in because I can't even say more than what my name is. I'm working on it though :)
About you:
I love love love music, especially rock and pop music - I still love Backstreet Boys and am not ashamed about it :)
I love guitarists, but still haven't picked up the guitar myself - that's my goal for the upcoming university break.
I love movies, especially dance movies. Other than that I love reading, meeting my friends and traveling. Since I'm a poor student that's mostly looking at pictures for now, but I plan to do more traveling once I finished my studies next year. I absolutely look forward to it, I love meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. 
Right now I'm doing a master's degree in business administration at a university in Germany and have another year of my studies left.
When I don't study I work at a newspaper agency in the marketing department.
I love music, pasta, summer and laughter
I hate winter, potato-soup and people who think too much of themselves
Email: seeyouinla@gmail.com
skype: seeyouinla