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May. 7th, 2010


Heeey. :)

Name: Kristina
Age: Young :)
Home country: USA
Language you are fluent in: English and American Sign Language
Languages you're interested in: Russian &+ Italian
Knowledge if any, in languages of interest: Beginner Russian. Attempting to learn Italian.

About you: Hi! :) I live in New York in the big ol' USA. I was born in Moscow, Russia  but I moved to USA when I was a young child. So I don't remember Russian at all. I am attempting to teach myself Russian. I also would like to learn Italian for fun. :) I enjoy photography, reading, writing, blogging, chatting, shopping, hanging out with friends, and learning new things. I am your typical teenage girl, haha. Get to know me!

AIM: ohmyeesomex
LJ: xceraunavolta
Email: enchantedx3@verizon.net

May. 4th, 2010


(no subject)

Name: Trang / อัจฉรา

Age: 19

Home country: Vietnam

Language you are fluent in: Vietnamese

Language you're interested in: English, Thai, German, Japanese.

Knowledge if any, in language of interest: English, Thai, German

About you: I'm live in HCMC, i'm learning Thai at The University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH)  is one of the affiliated members of Vietnam National University (VNU-HCM). Beside that i'm learning German, too. I'm a fan of Tokio Hotel and American Idol <3

Apr. 29th, 2010


(no subject)

Name: Aya 
Age: young
Home country: America
Language you are fluent in: English, and I like to think Spanish
Language of which you have some knowledge (easier option): Arabic, Farsi, Japanese (forgetting), Portuguese, Chinese, French, Old Norse (very little)
Language you're interested in: {Languages of which you have some knowledge} + Finnish, Icelandic, Turkmen (down the line- DTL), Kiswahili (DTL), Indonesian (not DTL status, but not right now either)
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: very scant
About you: I internet like a mothe--a 머ثrフォک爾. I often like to read and listen to things in foreign languages in which I've shown interest--even if I have no idea what is being said. I like soap operas, dislike Lady Gaga, like many TV shows, dislike the Nauseatingly Normal, like relatively rare Chinese characters, dislike filling these things out, like lots of other things...especially when not asked too many questions about me. D:
Email: (if you're not comfortable giving you personal email, feel free to make an account specifically for this club: I'd just forget that I even created the account, and I'd be too lazy to take ten seconds to link my primary account to the one that would hypothetically dangle from my memory)

Apr. 23rd, 2010



(no subject)

Name: Mandy
Home country: US of A
Language you are fluent in: English, Spanish
Language you're interested in: Japanese (self-taught, intermediate), possibly French (beginner)

About you: I like classic rock, musicals, and horror movies. My favorite genre is horror-comedy. I like to read classic books (ex. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), and I'm interested in heraldy (flags). I follow politics and current events. I'm very interested in mythology and religion, but am atheist myself. I'm vegetarian, and I love to learn. I self-educate rather than attending school; I'm currently taking a logic course online. I like anything to do with technology, computers, and/or science.

Email: agentfushichou (at) gmail dot com

Apr. 21st, 2010


(no subject)

Name: Keiko

Age: 21

Home country: Brazil

Language you are fluent in: Portuguese

Language you're interested in: English, Japanese

Knowledge if any, in language of interest: Advanced English and Intermediate Japanese

About you: I'm Japanese, but moved to Brazil when I was just a kid with my family, I'm studying English teaching at college, play tennis on weekends, good cook (raw talent, because I really don't like cooking), favorite artist/band: japanese boyband ARASHI, and I'm a weekdays-only vegetarian (sound stupid, I know, but it's healthy anyway), what else?

Email: kei.kanaschiro@gmail.com

Apr. 18th, 2010

Stephan and Emily


(no subject)

Name: Emily
Age: 26
Home country: USA
Language you are fluent in: English
Language you're interested in: Spanish
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: I minored in Spanish in college, but I am not a fluent speaker. I would like to improve my conversational Spanish skills.
About you: I live in Texas and hold a B.A. degree in English. I currently work as a customer service representative at a bank, but I have thought about going back to school to obtain a teaching certificate. I am a vegetarian and have a wide range of interests including music, literature, art, movies, television, animals, travel and food. In my spare time, I like to draw, paint, read, garden, attend concerts, go to the movies, watch television and spend time with my boyfriend, family and pets.
Email: MARBLES83@aol.com

This Application will be posted as soon as I get a chance to tag it. Any questions about the application (if you are confused) feel free to contact me.

Apr. 10th, 2010



Konnichiwa! Hola!

Name: Paula or Lola
Age: 22
Home country: United States
Language you are fluent in: English
Language you're interested in: Japanese and Spanish
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: I'm in my second semester of Japanese at school and I took four semesters of Spanish in high school, But I am rusty!
About you: I am studying Anthropology at school in Michigan. I have been considering going into maybe international affairs or law? But I don't know! I love to read and write, anything and everything, really. I love movies (horror!), music (classic rock!) and art in every genre, although I do have preferences. I love photography, taking photos, looking at them, editing them (although I haven't done much of any of that lately because I have been busy with school work). I'm not picky, really. I like some of everything. I am friendly and outgoing usually. Creative and introspective often. Passionate and kind of strange almost always.
Email: lynnpmead@gmail.com



Name: Anna

Age: 18

Home country: Russia

Language you are fluent in: Russian, English 

Language you're interested in: mostly French, English

Knowledge if any, in language of interest: I speak English fluent, but I’d like to enhance it and not to lose a grip.

About you: I’m studying international journalism at the university and I’m energetic, hardworking and cheerful person who believe there is a way out from any situation. I’m interested in music (rock, rock’n’roll, ethnic, chanson), cinematography (of any country), biathlon, traveling, improvised adventures I can go on, literature, filming, theatre, different cultures, psychology. I can discuss any of this and many other topics for hours. Also I’m a big fan of ties and tangerines)) I hope not only to progress in studying languages, but also to find interesting interlocutors to enjoy the studying process and to become friends! 

Email: tihom92@gmail.com



Name: Irina
Age: 25
Home country: Russia
Language you are fluent in: Russian, English
Language you're interested in: English, Italian
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: English - fluent, Italian - basic, just some words and sentences
About you: I specialize in fashion, beauty, publishing business, business administration, government administration. I like traveling very much. I've visited Italy, Greece and Austria. It's not enough for me. I wanna see the whole world. I'm a professional dancer. I can talk about everything you want. I'm very talkative))))
Email: irinachoo at gmail dot com

Apr. 7th, 2010

glee [Umineko]



Name: CJ
Age: 17
Home country: USA
Language you are fluent in: English
Languages you're interested in: Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish
Knowledge if any, in language of interest: Some knowledge of all five, but Swedish and Russian are very minimal right now.
About you: I love learning languages, obviously xD; I want to be a law enforcement officer (preferably an FBI Agent) when I grow up. I like anime, manga and physics!
Email: cjblackwing AT gmail DOT com

I'd love to talk either in your native language or in English to help you with your own language skills, as long as I get to ask you questions about grammar and vocab and stuff. ^^; I look forward to learning with you~!

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