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This community is intended to help the process of learning any and every language
Welcome to convo_partners 

This group is intended to help anyone who is attempting to learn another language. Whether you're doing it for school or just want to expand your horizons, this group is for you.  This community serves as a listing of  different people interested in learning all different languages

How this works.
The way this community is supposed to work is you post an application for a conversation partner (the template is posted here), once you submit this application, I will tag it and it will be posted for the rest of the community to see. From there everything moves organically.  There will be a weekly post by me of the people who have yet to find a partner and what language they are interested in.  Hopefully it will work out for all of you. As for the process of arranging partners, I can make suggestions via comments, but I will not pick you partner for you, you will have to look through the tag list and find one.  If someone is already chosen (which I will mark), feel free to ask him/her if they'd like another partner, that choice is up to them.  Once you've looked over an application and found someone you might like to talk to, email them on the listed email address, after that it is all up to you.  I only ask you inform me once you've decided to become partners, so I can mark the application appropriately. 

Requirements to Post and Application.
There are absolutely no requirements to be involved in this community.  If you only know one language, but are interested in learning another, post you application.  There is a high chance that someone may join who wants to learn the one language you are fluent in. 
This is not a requirement, but it certainly helps to have a webcam, that way your partner knows who they are talking to. :) 

After finding a partner.
In the application there is only a place to list an email address,
There are a few rules, as in all lj communities, but I will try to keep these brief (I honestly hate long extensive rules)
1.  Respect any partner you decide to pick. I of course have no way of monitoring this, but if a message is sent to me about any sort of disrespect, I will act on it.
2.  Try to be patient.  In both the application process and in the teaching/learning process.  You will not find a partner over night, it just wont work that way.  My hope is to get everyone partnered up as soon as possible, but I do not guarantee anything.  As for patience with teaching, don't expect your partner to pick up everything right away, learning a new language is a hard process, and should be done slowly and diligently.
3.  Try to keep in touch.  I am well aware that outside the internet, most people have hectic lives. However, if you have a set time to talk with your partner, please try to keep it.  No one likes being ditched.  Circumstances are sometimes beyond one's control, I know, and in those cases, absence is certainly acceptable. 
4. Try to have fun.  This is not some rigid classroom, this is an experiment in online communication.  I have tried so many conversation partner activities in my University, and it is all run like a classroom, No fun at all.  Talk about what you want to talk about.  I will not be checking up on you at all, unless there is a problem.


Those not too fluent in English, If you still want to participate, post as much of the application as you can, at the bottom just write "NFE" for not fluent in english 8)

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